Live Edge Slabs

Carson’s Lumbermill has been providing Live Edge Slabs since 1986 when we acquired our first sawmill. At that time slabs were not as popular as they are today. In the last decade, the demand for live edge slabs has grown exponentially.

We completely understand why they are so desirable. Why would you not take advantage of the beauty that nature has to offer? The possibilities are endless!

Some common uses for slabs are conference tables, dining tables, counter tops, bar tops, benches, shelves, end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, clocks, signage, and wedding decorations.

We can say with certainty that each and every slab is one of a kind. They may be similar, but they are never exactly the same. Some slabs may have a distinctive grain pattern while another might have curl or spalting. The edges themselves contribute to the beauty of a slab as well. Some edges may be in a wave pattern while another may be straight or show evidence of a knot. We like to say that each piece has its own personality.

Carson’s Lumbermill cuts slabs from species of timber that are native to our area. This mostly consists of maple, hickory, walnut, sassafras, cherry, white oak and red oak. Occasionally we have ash or catalpa.

If we don’t have a slab to meet your width requirements, we have the capability of joining two or more slabs together to attain your desired measurement. If you have a project, like a countertop, that doesn’t need a live edge or only one live edge, we can provide that as well.

We also cut oval and round slabs with a live edge for those customers wanting to create a unique coffee or end table.

The round slabs are often referred to as ‘cookies’ or just simply ’rounds.’ We have cut them as small as ¼” thick and 2″ in diameter up to 4″ thick and 4′ in diameter. One thing to remember about rounds is that wood shrinks as it dries. As these rounds shrink, they naturally tend to crack from the center out. It’s extremely difficult to predict which ones will crack and which ones won’t. We like to let our customers know that this is a possibility. There are several different treatments out there that supposedly help to prevent this from occurring, but we really haven’t found one that is 100% foolproof.

Our inventory of slabs is constantly changing. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for please feel free to contact us. We’ll see what we have that may work for your project. Or if you’d like to just take a look at what we have, feel free to stop in. Our staff here at Carson’s Lumbermill will be happy to show you around.


Live Edge Ambrosia Maple Counter Top

Maple Wall Table