Custom Sawing

Carson’s Lumbermill began custom sawing in 1986. We are proud to say we were one of the first in southeastern Indiana to own and operate a portable Wood-Mizer® Sawmill. Since that time, we’ve cut over 2 million board feet of lumber.

We are currently on our fourth Wood-Mizer®, which is now stationary, and cut an average of over 100,000 board feet per year. Without question, our sawmill is the foundation of Carson’s Lumbermill. It is utilized in almost every aspect of our operation.

Custom sawing is a service we offer to customers who have their own logs and want them sawn. The sawmill is capable of handling logs up to 20 ½ feet long and 36 inches in diameter. Our staff will be glad to work with you to determine how much lumber to expect from each log and to discuss the size of the boards you want to acquire. We will then cut each log to obtain the highest yield possible. Allowances must be made for waste and defects such as rot, knots and cracks.

All of our custom sawing is done here at Carson’s Lumbermill. Customers are responsible for getting their logs to us.

If you do not have access to your own logs, we’re happy to use our logs to custom saw for you. We’ve cut posts and beams for new barn construction, blocking for large equipment, trailer decking, fence boards, siding, slabs for benches, round discs for wedding decorations, and everything in between. We’re more than just a supplier for dimensional lumber.

Note: Currently, by law we are not allowed to accept any walnut logs/lumber from Ohio. This is due to the Walnut Twig Beetle that can cause Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) being found in Ohio. Click here for more information.