Ambrosia Maple Countertop

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Theresa, who purchased this beautiful slab of Ambrosia Maple from us.

Theresa was kind enough to share a picture of the finished product and some words of encouragement!

“I wanted to share with you a picture of what we had made with the slab of soft maple John dug out for me. Also, the carpenter we had put this table together said he tested the moisture content and it was 9%; perfect for furniture. I want to tell you that since I had not purchased lumber like this before and I very much appreciate the fact that it was exactly as it was presented to me. You could have told me about anything and I wouldn’t know the difference. So your honesty and integrity are much appreciated. Everyone who comes into our home asks about where we got the table and I tell them the story of how John had a broken shoulder and the wood was buried in a big stack and he dug it out and planed it down for me while I waited. We are spreading the word about Carson’s Lumbermill.”

“Anyway, I wanted to let you know the project was a resounding success. Hope you are all well. Keep up the good work!”

Theresa Rork
Live Edge Ambrosia Maple Counter Top

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