Carson’s Lumbermill stocks a large selection of lumber. We have kiln-dried and air-dried, or we will cut green lumber from our log inventory to meet your specifications. We also offer lumber that has been thermally modified.

For anyone embarking upon indoor projects, our onsite kiln enables us to offer kiln-dried lumber. We do keep an assortment of dried lumber on hand. If we don’t have what you need, we can cut and dry it, or source it from other partnering mills if you need it quickly.

In addition to the ‘typical’ lumber, Carson’s Lumbermill also caters to woodworkers looking for those ‘unique’ cuts of wood. We often come across unusual pieces such as curly or spalted lumber with very distinctive characteristics, or slabs with exceptional features that could be used for mantels or cut for other uses such as turning. These items are put aside and made available to customers working on special projects.

Our air-dried lumber supply consists of an array of different lengths, widths and thicknesses. We typically have a wide range of species that are native to our area to choose from. And if you’re looking for that gray or weathered look, we usually have quite a bit of that on hand as well.

As for green lumber, we will cut what you need from our logs. Some uses for green lumber are barn construction, cribbing for heavy equipment, fence boards, barn stalls and/or siding, trailer decks, gazebos, and a multitude of other uses for outdoor projects.

Carson’s Lumbermill learned of thermally-modified lumber in 2019 and has been offering it since that time. This is an eco-friendly way of treating lumber through a natural, non-toxic process. This is the perfect alternative to traditional pressure treated lumber that uses chemicals to preserve the wood.

In the thermal modification process the wood is heated in an oxygen-free environment at extremely high temperatures, which permanently changes the make-up of the wood and removes organic compounds from the wood cells. This prevents it from expanding, contracting or providing food for insects or fungi. As a result, the lumber is more dimensionally stable and less likely to cup or warp because it is permanently resistant to water, insects, and decay.

We are very impressed with this process and the opportunities that it affords. In the past, some species of wood, such as poplar, were not ideal for outdoor use unless it was pressure treated with chemicals. With thermal modification there are no harsh chemicals, and with proper maintenance some of these products are rated for 20–25 years of exterior use. Because of the high temperatures and the removal of moisture, the lumber is much lighter in weight and the appearance of the wood is a deep, rich brown color.

If you have any questions about the lumber that we offer at Carson’s Lumbermill, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thermally Modified Barn Door

Poplar Mantel