Kiln Drying

Our onsite dehumidification kiln enables us to offer kiln dried lumber to those who have indoor projects like furniture, cabinets, wood flooring, trim and baseboards. The kiln is also made available to customers that have their own lumber and need it dried. It has a maximum capacity of 3,000 board feet. It is rarely empty and generally operates 24/7.

Properly dried lumber is much easier to work with than non kiln-dried lumber. It weighs less, machines better, glues better, finishes better and holds screws and nails better. In order to be useful for indoor projects, it’s recommended that wood have a moisture content at or below 8%. Our dehumidification kiln can bring the moisture content to as low as 6%, reducing the risk of fungal stain, decay, rot or mold.

Freshly sawn lumber contains a great deal of water. For some species of wood, half its weight is water when first cut. Air drying is an option but it leaves the wood extremely vulnerable to the elements of nature and the percentage of moisture content is generally much higher. Too much humidity can result in staining or mold growth and not enough humidity can result in splitting or cracking. When not dried under controlled conditions, lumber is also more prone to other forms of damage and warping. The wood will also get harder and harder the longer it is dried in the air.

Kiln drying provides a way to control humidity, temperature and air velocity, and by doing so improves strength, kills infestations, hardens pitch, preserves color and controls shrinkage. Wood does shrink as it dries and often splits or checks. But when dried properly, the chance of this happening is minimal. Kiln-dried wood also tends to be softer because the hardening process is stopped in this controlled environment.

Drying time varies and is roughly proportional to the thickness of the lumber. The species of wood is also a contributing factor. As previously mentioned, some species contain a large percentage of water, which requires additional drying time.

Our kiln is usually full and working around the clock. We sell dried lumber or use it for our mill work or hardwood flooring operation. If you’d like to schedule a time to have your lumber dried, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.